Videogames, Aesthetics, Culture/Violence by Design

For the first half of class on Thursday, our class merged with the class down the hall, Violence by Design, to partake in a discussion that I found truly productive and enlightening about violence and culture. Overtly, the two classes could not be more different in the application of violence to class material. Even though [...]

Not so different after all

On Friday after a shortened class of Videogames: culture and aesthetics, I stuck around Cornerstone 301 with a couple people from my class. From 10:30 to noon I had one of the most productive conversations about videogames of the block thus far.  The discussion challenged my former assumptions of medium, especially the culture that surrounds [...]

Tot Terror! Assignments so far, for those of you who want to read up on some gamer theory or try to beat our high scores! Readings: "Homo Ludens" by Johan Huizinga, "Man, Play, and Games" by Roger Callois, "the Origin of Species by Stephen Poole, and three chapters of half-real by Jesper Juul The Videoames: Space Invaders, [...]

Half Blockin’

Off the cuff: Winter break was good. Really good. I needed that. I did a lot of...sitting. Yes, yes, quite a bit of sitting. But lest the sedentary lifestyle infect me for good, I jetted back to Colorado where the people are active and the air is thin. And now, I suppose, I am a [...]