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Posts from the August 2016 issue

CC Welcomes 11 New Faculty Members

Colorado College welcomes 11 new tenure-track faculty members and four Riley Scholars to the CC community. The new faculty members embody a wide range of fields and disciplines, and many of them will be in the classroom on the first day of Block 1, which begins Monday, Aug. 29. “CC is fortunate to have a…

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Family & Friends Weekend 2016

“Family are the people who move and shape and build you but also who ground you. I definitely consider the people who I’ve become really close to in the last four years as members of my family.” 
 — Michelle Cordell ’16 Make plans now to attend Family and Friends Weekend, Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Spend…

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Five New Members Named to Board of Trustees

Colorado College has named five new members to its Board of Trustees. The new trustees are
Mayss Al Alami ’17; Martha Wolday ’14; Kishen Mangat ’96; Liza Mallot Pohle ’85; 
and Amy Shackelford Louis ’84. The new members were welcomed and sworn in at the
June 18 meeting, and outgoing trustees were recognized for their service to CC. Leaving…

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Peak Profile: Sharon L. Smith ’67

When young women graduating from CC go on to graduate studies or careers in the sciences, they owe a great debt to the women who have blazed a trail to the laboratories, to the oceans, and to space. Sharon L. Smith ’67 is among those pioneers. She became fascinated by ocean ecosystems when she was…

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CC’s Bridge Scholars Program Honored for Boosting Student Success

Colorado College’s Bridge Scholars Program, which serves as a gateway into college life for first-generation students, was recognized as a “Model of Excellence” by University Business. The Models of Excellence program “honors colleges and universities that have implemented innovative, effective, and interdepartmental initiatives that are bolstering student success.”

University Business notes that continuous support for students helps maintain…

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History of Collaboration Between the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and Colorado College

In 1926, when the FAC was known as the Broadmoor Art Academy, it was the de facto Art Department of Colorado College. This was during an age when professional arts education was transitioning from professional art schools to accredited colleges and universities. Alice Bemis Taylor originally planned to build a museum to house her collection…

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On the Bookshelf

The Cambridge History of the Second World War chapter by Dennis Showalter, professor of history Showalter’s contribution, “Armies, Navies, Air Forces: The Instruments of War,” appears in the first volume of this 2,025-page, three-volume set and provides an operational perspective on the course of the war, examining strategies, military cultures and organization, and the key…

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Inside the Box

By Abe Mamet ’17 In Colorado, incarcerated persons who are isolated in solitary confinement experience, on average, 23 months in a single cell with limited human contact. The Colorado College Prison Project, CC’s prison reform advocacy group, views this as a serious issue. We believe that solitary confinement is inhumane, unnecessary, and counterproductive. To bring…

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Tigers Crossing Paths: CC connections

Although Tamar Orlansky Weisert (left) and Carter Gehman were both in the Class of 1997,
they didn’t know each other. Tamar, however, is good friends with Carter’s wife, who made the connection when she saw Colorado College on Tamar’s Facebook page. Carter works for the Hess Corporation, and Tamar’s husband is a foreign service officer. Both…

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In Memoriam: Tass Kelso

Sylvia “Tass” Kelso, June 8, at age 63. Tass taught at Colorado College for 29 years, specializing in plant systematics and evolution and rising to professor emerita in the Department of Organismal Biology and Ecology. Tass grew up in New England, and an early fascination with diverse landscapes would be reflected in the arc of…

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