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Posts from the November 2013 issue

Ideas into Action

The Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block

Hear what Tip Ragan, Tim Fuller, Claire Garcia, Anne Hyde, and others have to say about how we go from plan to reality and the excitement it is generating on campus.

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“Powerful” Dance

CC students’ recent performance at the Edinburgh Fringe festival receives acclaim.

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Resolved, the Twenty-second Amendment Should be Repealed

White House

Is the presidency a temporary honor, best exercised with “Lincoln-like humility?” Cronin explains why it is.

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Three Paths, One Goal

Ubuntu boys

Three CC alumni all started nonprofits to help feed, educate, and provide medical care for children in desperate situations.

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The Owl Man of Colorado College Presses On

Amid tall ponderosa pines west of Colorado Springs, Brian Linkhart and his students are learning about a very small owl.

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