Help Colorado’s Local News Scene!

In the years most students have been alive, roughly a quarter of American newspapers have gone out of business. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Some researchers worry about an upcoming “extinction-level event” and the collapse of our nation’s local journalism ecosystem as we know it.

In Block 7’s new class, “The Future and Sustainability of Local News,” taught by Corey Hutchins, students will not only learn about why we’re facing a local news apocalypse (and about efforts taking place to mitigate it) but they’ll also help to do something about it. 

Our project will assist Coloradans and our media partners make sense of a fragmented local news landscape by finding and mapping assets that currently exist in each of Colorado’s 64 counties and identifying outlets, potential partners, innovators, and individuals who can play new roles in supporting community information needs. We’ll hear from journalists, and others who are working to fix the problem, and we’ll join in to help. 

Together, during Block 7, we’ll gather information to create a digital database and map visualization that identifies existing local news sources and other trustworthy information across Colorado. Students will engage with communities across the state and learn about the ways they get their news. They’ll work with News Voices: Colorado, the Colorado Local News Collaborative, and other organizations, to create a framework for the future of Colorado’s local news scene.  

If you’re interested, register now for the Block 7 class. If you have any questions, email Corey at

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