Butterfly Pavilion, Program and Interpretation Intern

At Butterfly Pavilion, we transform the way people think about invertebrates. These small but mighty animals that surround us are so much more than people think. They are everywhere, because everything depends on them. They are the hidden heroes of the animal kingdom, and we–you and us–stand on the backs of these tiny giants. Whether it is providing unique, hands-on learning experiences in our exhibits and educational programs, conducting new research that sets the standard for zoos across the country or building innovative solutions for species and habitat conservation in countries around the world, Butterfly Pavilion is leading the way in ensuring invertebrates are protected for the future. Learn more about Butterfly Pavilion.

The Program and Interpretation Intern will serve as a valuable member of the Programs and Interpretation Team at Butterfly Pavilion by providing support to our School Programs, Community Programs, or Interpretation team. This intern will first experience the roles of each team and then apply for a project directly supporting one of the three educational areas of Butterfly Pavilion. In interpretation this will mean supporting floor programs and guest interactions throughout the day, in School Programs this will mean supporting our on-site school programming through assisting with and even leading classes and with our Community Programs team this will mean supporting family, scout, and adult oriented educational opportunities occurring outside of a school setting.

EXPIRATION DATE: 2022 Jul 1st 12:00 am

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