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Denver Parks and Recreation is seeking an Education and Outreach Program Coordinator. Established over a century ago in 1912, the Denver Mountain Parks consists of over 14,000 acres of parks and open space across five counties outside of Denver’s municipal boundary. The Mountain Parks system boasts a wide array of resources, including parks, historic structures, bison herds, the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum, lakes and streams, wildlife habitat, and trails ranging from the alpine environment of Mount Evans to the plains ecosystem of Daniels Park. Learn more about the City and County on their website.

We are looking for an experienced professional to build and grow the education and outreach program for the Denver Mountain Parks system. The Mountain Parks provide an ideal venue for environmental education and history programming, with access to two bison herds, a wide range of ecological zones, significant historical sites, and committed and engaged partners. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to build the program from the ground up and to work collaboratively with colleagues to re-frame how we think about and tell our stories. The person selected for this position should be capable of working independently with limited direction, and should have a strong professional background in science, history, education, or a related field. The selected candidate will work toward building relationships and growing the program with Park Rangers, seasonal staff, volunteers, and partners. Our vision is for this individual to grow the program into a sustainable, high-impact educational and interpretive resource for the Denver community.

This position will report to the Denver Mountain Parks headquarters in Morrison, Colorado. Job duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Create curriculum-based programming for a wide range of natural and cultural resources, including the Red Rocks Civilian Conservation Corps camp, Denver’s two bison herds, the Bear Creek watershed, the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave, and other Denver Mountain Parks resources
  • Develop a formal field trip program that meets Denver Public Schools and other district curricula
  • Work closely with Denver Zoo, volunteers, ecologists, and educators to reintroduce the rainbow scarab dung beetle (Phanaeus vindex) to the Genesee and Daniels Park bison herd. Facilitate student involvement in the breeding and reintroduction process and develop classroom and field-based curriculum that directly support reintroduction efforts
  • Assist in developing and overseeing a historic preservation training and education program with internal and external partners
  • Lead the development of Denver Mountain Park’s “ParkScience” program in collaboration with partners
  • Develop a volunteer education and docent program, including recruiting, training, and supervising volunteers in a wide range of education and outreach activities
  • Use a variety of informational and educational delivery styles and methods (such as talk, walk, slide program, lecture, demonstration, experimental, laboratory, hands-on, etc.)
  • Plan and organize special events
  • Train and coach park ranger staff in interpretive practices and principles

Learn more about the other responsibilities as well as all qualifications in Handshake.

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