Case Interview Series 2017

Considering a career or internship in consulting? If so, you need to be ready for Case Interviewing. Recruiting for these types of positions is typically done in the fall and using this summer to prepare is wise.

In Case Interviewing, the candidate is given a question or problem and asked to resolve the situation on the spot. Organizations that use these questions include DaVitaBlue CanyonMcKinsey, and Bain (to name a few). These types of questions take preparation and skill. But have no fear, because we can help you get started.

To help you get started this summer, a new case question will be presented every other week, with solutions provided in the off weeks. Questions will be pulled from a number of sources, including consulting firms. Use these questions to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that are asked and how to solve them.

A couple of resources to help you study are below. Be on the lookout for mock case interviews presented by a CC alum in the fall. More information to come.

If you have any questions about how to get started or need help mapping out a plan, please contact Stacey Stevens (

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