CC Outdoor Journal needs for writers, photographers, artists…

The CC Outdoor Journal is looking for writers, photographers, artists, etc… for our first print edition coming this spring!!!! 

So what are we all about? 

The new student-run CC Outdoor Journal aims to be a radically more inclusive version of the former Alpine Journal (a CC publication that focused solely on climbing), seeking pieces that connect adventures and experiences to larger themes and/or personal discoveries. Here, the word “adventurer” is meant to encompass a wide breadth of students and alumni – if you have something to say about the outdoor world, we want to hear from you: artists, environmentalists, novice climbers, to professional skiers alike. The first edition of the journal will be published during 8th Block, and the CC Outdoor Journal team is currently seeking contributors for the website and future print editions. 

Whether or not you already have a specific pitch in mind or you just want more information, please email Claire @ or Lorea @ or join this GroupMe: 

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