Internship: Art Direction, Copywriting, Finance, Branding, Digital/Broadcast Production, UX/UI, Scientific Services, New Business Development, and more!

All info is posted in Handshake:

PAID and REMOTE summer internships with advertising agency FCB Health — FCB Health is looking for “Bold Beginners” to participate in their 2022 Internship Program. We have a CC alum who is excited to advocate for you!

2. General Requirements for all positions:

  • You are a Rising Junior (current Sophomores) or Rising Senior (current Juniors)
  • (Graduating Seniors and recent grads may also be considered)
  • Good grades and solid work ethic
  • You are a “bold beginner” who is passionate, innovative and driven.
  • You are a Go-Getter.
  • You have good communication, computer and presentation skills.
  • Be sure to carefully review the department-specific details and requirements for each position via the link above.

3. You are invited to contact our alumni insider, Ashley Smith, to review your well-developed application materials. (Do NOT contact Ashely to learn how to create a resume and cover letter) for a quick review before officially applying: Ashley Smith,

***Ashley is also instructing a Dynamic Half Block course on campus in January and is happy to meet with students in-person for informational interviews and advice; however, you are still urged to apply asap.***

4. You may address your cover letters to:

Ashley Smith
Art Supervisor
Area 23
622 3rd Ave 3rd floor
New York, NY 10017

5. Interns must be located in the US, but not required to be located in NY. Our program is hybrid-optional, so interns can decide if they want to do the program remotely or hybrid. If students choose our hybrid approach, they are responsible for any associated travel/accommodation fees to NY/NJ area.

6. While applications close on Feb 4, 2022, the firm will review applications (and make hiring decisions) on a rolling basis, so you are urged to apply ASAP in order to receive consideration.

7. International students may participate with CPT or OPT work authorization (you must be able to have your physical work authorization card by the start date of the program in order to participate).

8. Please note that you may see FCB internships described in terms of the “IPG Health Internship Program.” This is because FCB Health is part of a network of advertising agencies under the global parent company IPG (Interpublic). 

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