China Careers Summit – 10/6-10/7

The China Careers Summit, which will be held on October 6-7th, is a two-day interactive virtual event for university students interested in China-related careers. The Summit will introduce students to a broad array of careers in government, media, think tanks, nonprofits and the private sector, in which Chinese language skills and China expertise are essential.

Attend the Summit to learn career insights from professionals working in China and a chance to connect with potential employees.

Speakers include:
– Robert Daly, Director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States
– Jason Lin, a former executive with Alibaba Pictures and producer and founder of Story Arch Pictures
– Arieh Smith (@Xiaomanyc), a Chinese language Youtuber in New York
– Olivia Nadine, the CEO and Co-Founder of BlackExpo China

Spaces are limited; Register to secure your spot!

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