Deadline 11/13; Venture for America, Class of 2019 Fellow

Venture for America is seeking college seniors and recent grads who are excited by the opportunity to learn and grow with a startup in one of our cities.
We’re looking for applicants from any academic background who are well-rounded, highly motivated, and community-focused to join our newest class!

Our application consists of an activities submission, written application, a Skype interview, and a full-day in-person interview. You can access the application at For updates about the deadline, career advice, and VFA news, sign up for our mailing list!


Venture for America is a two-year fellowship program for recent college graduates interested in entrepreneurship and working in a fast-paced, innovative startup environment. VFA Fellows interview with vetted company partners across U.S. cities with emerging startup ecosystems. After securing the right full-time, salaried job, Fellows train for a month with world-class business leaders and entrepreneurs to build the skills they’ll need to succeed in a startup environment and as founders. Throughout the fellowship, they learn how to contribute to a high-growth business and gain access to mentorship, ongoing training, and the nationwide VFA community. When Fellows and alumni are ready to build companies of their own, whenever that may be, VFA provides the resources they need to become entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help the next generation become leaders capable of launching their own companies, creating opportunities for themselves and others, and adding value to their local communities.

We have four separate, but identical, application deadlines. Our criteria remain the same for every deadline, but we recommend applying as early as possible; the final deadline is more competitive. You may not apply more than once during the same season.

– Immediately after accepting your offer: Join a close-knit community of talented peers, mentors, and advisors that includes experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
– Spring 2019: Find a great job at a startup by pitching to your choice of hundreds of vetted startup opportunities using a platform just for Fellows. The VFA team is there along the way to support you as you craft your resume and pitch companies, helping to ensure you find your team fit.
– July 2019: Training Camp. This rigorous five-week training program includes multi-day workshops and group and individual challenges, and features sessions led by Flatiron School, IDEO, McKinsey, and noteworthy entrepreneurs and investors. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the other Fellows and the VFA team.
– August 2019: Move to the city in which you’ve accepted a job, and begin working at your new company!
– August 2019–July 2021: As you work full-time, follow a robust two-year curriculum with opportunities for ongoing skill and character development, along with events and programs to keep you plugged into the VFA network. Launch projects or ventures of your own using resources, like our annual crowdfunding competition and our $20K Social Enterprise Award for pro-social projects and businesses.

– VFA Seed Fund: Access to a pool of $1.2M+ in investment annually for launching Fellow-led companies
– VFA Accelerator: A full-time, residential accelerator that helps Fellow founders refine their business models, prepare for meetings with outside investors, and launch their businesses the right way
– VFA alumni network: Opportunities to stay connected through alumni boards, events, on-campus recruitment, mentoring younger Fellows, and more

Venture for America is creating economic opportunity in American cities by mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to create jobs.

Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, and St. Louis


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