Overton Memorial Award for Theatre and Dance Students

The Overton Fund Award offers financial assistance for students studying performance and related design Appropriate classes include TH/DA/PS 237 The CCDAM57319, Performance Away in London, and attendance at workshops, symposiums, festivals, conferences in theatre, dance or theatrical design. Funds shall be awarded on a basis of merit and need.

*Applicants must be on financial aid to qualify for funds.

*To apply, please write a short essay addressed to Professor Gypsy Ames discussing the goals of your study off campus. You should include details about your financial need, as well as your expectations and hopes for the course or workshop. Essays are due Friday, November 9th. You can electronically submit your essays and any questions to Professor Ames at: games@coloradocollege.edu

*Applicants will be notified by November 14th if they have or have not received an award.

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