After graduating, David will move to Ontario, Canada to begin his Master of Mathematics in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

I am excited to get the opportunity to attend and be in the atmosphere of one of the top computer science schools in the world. I am looking forward to broaden my computer science education in either Artificial Intelligence or Systems and Networking. I am hoping that I can develop innovative things while working with a great community of students and professors.

My advice for those considering grad school: Start early and do research about where you might want to go. Different schools have different advantages such as programs that they offer and total cost. When applying, do research on the professors in the program and read some of their publications. This will help you narrow the field of professors and give you an idea of who you want to study with. When applying, make sure you reach out to those professors you want to work with to make yourself known and establish a personal relationship with them.

Congratulations, David!

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