Internship at the Denver Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

About the Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs

The Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs is one of nine offices in the Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships (HRCP). The Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs has been responsible for furthering immigrant integration in Denver since 2005. It is the responsibility of the Office to be proactive and responsibly reactive to issues impacting immigrant and refugee residents in Denver.

An internship with DOIRA is an opportunity for a meaningful learning experience adding to a student’s portfolio of skills and abilities. DOIRA Interns will:
• Gain an understanding of immigrant integration in municipal governments, offices, and neighborhoods;
• Participate in research and data analysis;
• Create strategic program and communications plans; have an opportunity to do outreach to connect with community residents, organizations and elected officials; and,
• Other basic administrative skills.

Job Responsibilities
• Assist with Friday Office hours and programming at the at Valdez Perry Library
• Assist with programs and initiatives of the Denver Immigrant & Refugee Affairs Office
• Create content stories that draw from current events, current data trends, and education campaigns of the Office
• Participating in meetings and ad-hoc projects that pertain to Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities

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