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Posts from the Summer 2019 issue

Awards and  Accolades Roll in for CC Students

Colorado College students and recent alumni, representing a variety of disciplines and departments, continue to be widely recognized for their academic achievements. Claire Derry ’19, Fulbright   Camilla Fuller ’19, Fulbright Photo by Jennifer Coombes   Isaak Belongia ’21, Critical Language Scholarship Photo by Jennifer Coombes   Ines Siepmann ’19, Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Photo by…

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Funding Supports Mushroom Research, Career Exploration

At the Telluride Mushroom Festival in 2016, Sabrina Heitmann ’18 learned about innovative fungal solutions for world hunger, pest control, and disease being developed at Mushroom Mountain, a farm in Easley, South Carolina. “I attended a lecture by the founder of Mushroom Mountain, who described how mushrooms could be used in all of these novel…

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By the Students, for the Students: Colorado College Emergency Medical Services

It’s 10:30 on a Friday night, and while most students begin to celebrate the weekend, Colorado College’s student-staffed, student-run Emergency Medical Services squad begins their campus rounds in the weathered CCEMS van they have affectionately named “Lucille.” In addition to ambulance-grade medical equipment, these student professionals are equipped with expertise that begins with a national…

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CC Alumni Film ‘July Rising’ Soars to Success, Brings Graduates Home

“July Rising” — a film written, directed, produced, edited by, and starring a slew of Colorado College graduates — has taken flight. The film is the creative output of a group of CC students, graduates, and staff, including Robert Mahaffie ’15. Premiering at the 23rd Sonoma International Film Festival in March, it won the Stolman…

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Congratulations Class of 2019

At CC’s Commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 19, global media leader, philanthropist, producer, and actress Oprah Winfrey urged Colorado College graduates to use their lives in service. “I’m here to tell you that you actually do get to transform the world every day by your actions. Small steps lead to big accomplishments,” said Winfrey, in…

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Using Words as Mirrors: Book and Letterpress Class Helps Explore Identity

Designs and photos courtesy of Ben Blount “My work explores questions of race and identity, and the stories we tell ourselves about living in America,” explains Ben Blount, designer, letterpress printer, and visiting professor for his Block 6 class at Colorado College, Book and Book Structure. Born and raised in Detroit, Blount studied graphic design…

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Our Work Toward Becoming an Antiracist Institution

CC is working toward transformational, systematic change with its institutional antiracist initiative.

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Sacred Smoke

Indigenous and Native Community Pushes for Policy Change

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Honoring Her Parents

Susan White Burgamy ’66 Establishes Colorado Pledge Scholarship

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