PhD., Professor of Geology


  • B.A., Carleton College, 1984
  • M.Sc., University of Arizona 1987
  • Ph.D., University of California-Santa Barbara, 1995

Curriculum vitae

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Research Interests

Structural and metamorphic geology; Gondwana tectonics; gneiss domes; high temperature metamorphism and role of melt in deformation of migmatites; sandstone injectites

Geology of Antarctica: Antarctica research page

Field work on West Coast of New Zealand

Field work on West Coast of New Zealand

Current Projects

  • Collaborative Research: A systems approach to understanding the Ross Ocean and ice Shelf Environment, and Tectonic setting Through Aerogeophysical surveys and modeling (ROSETTA-ICE)
  • Emplacement mechanism, paleoenvironment of formation, and lithification/fluid migration history of Neoproterozoic injectites and source rocks, Colorado Front Range
  • Brittle faults and kinematics of the Laramide Orogeny
  • Development of geospatial resources for geological mapping of West Antarctica, ongoing collaboration with Polar Geospatial Center that emphasizes undergraduate research mentoring
  • West Antarctic rift system and Cretaceous tectonics of Gondwanaland (field studies in West Antarctica and in New Zealand)

Recent Publications

McFadden, R.R., Teyssier, C., Siddoway, C.S., Cosca, M., and Fanning, C.M., 2015, Mid-Cretaceous oblique rifting of West Antarctica: emplacement and rapid cooling of the Fosdick Mountains migmatite-cored gneiss dome, Lithos, doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2015.07.005

Yakymchuk, C., Brown, C.R., Brown, M., Siddoway, C.S., Fanning, C.M. and Korhonen, F.J., 2015, Paleozoic evolution of West Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica: Geological Society of America Bulletin, doi:10.1130/B31136.1

Siddoway, C. and Gehrels, G.E., 2014, Basement-hosted sandstone injectites of Colorado: A vestige of the Neoproterozoic revealed through detrital zircon provenance analysis, Lithosphere, doi: 10.1130/L390.1,

Siddoway, C.S., Myrow P.,  and Fitz Díaz, E., 2013, Strata, structures and enduring enigmas:  A 125th Anniversary appraisal of Colorado Springs geology, in Abbott, L. and Hancock, G.S. (eds.), Geological Society of America Field Guides, v. 33, Ch. 13, doi:10.1130/2013.0033(13).

Yakymchuk, C., Siddoway, C.S., Brown, M., and Fanning, C.M., 2013, Anatectic reworking and differentiation of continental crust along the active margin of Gondwana: a zircon Hf–O perspective from West Antarctica, in Harley et al. (eds.), Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution, Geological Society of London Special Publication 383, doi: 10.1144/SP383.7.

Levine, Jamie S.F., Mosher, Sharon and Siddoway, C.S., 2013, Relationship between syndeformational partial melting and crustal-scale magmatism and tectonism across the Wet Mountains, central Colorado, Lithosphere, v. 5 no. 5 p. 456-476, doi: 10.1130/L287.1.

Brown, M., Korhonen, F.J. and Siddoway, C.S., 2011, Organizing Melt Flow Through the Crust, Mineralogical Association of Canada, Elements, v. 7, 261–266.

Siddoway, C.S., 2010, Microplate motion, Nature Geoscience (April  11), v. 3 (4), 225 – 226. doi:10.1038/ngeo835.

McFadden R., C. S. Siddoway, C. Teyssier, and C. M. Fanning, 2010, Cretaceous oblique extensional deformation and magma accumulation in the Fosdick Mountains migmatite-cored gneiss dome, West Antarctica, Tectonics, v. 29, TC4022, doi:10.1029/2009TC002492.

Jones III, James V., Siddoway, Christine S.  and Connelly, James N., 2010, Characteristics and implications of ca. 1.4 Ga deformation across a Proterozoic mid-crustal section, Wet Mountains, Colorado, USA, Lithosphere, v. 2, p. 119-135, doi:10.1130/L78.1.

Courses Taught

  • GY100   In Extinction’sEmbrace: Reading Contemporary Nonfiction from a Geological Standpoint
  • GY140   Physical Geology
  • GY210   Fundamental Geological Methods and Rocky Mountain Evolution
  • GY250   Topics in Geology: Rocks and Ruins: Natural Catastrophes & Mediterranean Culture
  • GY250   Topics in Geology: Introduction to Geodesign
  • GY313   Metamorphic Petrology
  • GY315   Structural Geology 2016
  • GY316   Field analysis of Geological Structures
  • GY345   Regional Studies in Geology
  • GY400   Senior Seminar: Digital Mapping in Earth Sciences — for Society
  • GY405   Research Topics in Geology (individual student research)

Further Information at Teaching and Research Mentoring

Christine and Pearl
Christine and Pearl
Colorado College has another professor by the name of Siddoway, and you guessed it, the two of us are married. Mike teaches Mathematics and serves as Associate Dean of the Faculty. Maybe you’ve read through this whole page and are completely confused because you are looking for the Prof. Siddoway who studies module theory, commutative rings, computational algebra, and the history of mathematics! To reach Mike, email him at