Teaching and Research Mentoring

Courses taught recently

GY140     Physical Geology

GY140 FYE      First Year Experience: Physical Geology

GY250     Rocks and Ruins: Natural Catastrophes &  Mediterranean Culture

GY250     Introduction to Geodesign

GY 315     Structural Geology

GY316      Field analysis of Geological Structures

GY400     Senior Seminar:  Digital Mapping in Earth Sciences — for Society

GY450:   Regional Studies: Sierra Nevada and Death Valley

Undergraduate Research advised, examples from past 5 years:        

Lockett, Alec, 2016, Airborne geophysical survey and use of potential fields data for geological characterization of the crust beneath Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Borah, John, 2016, Kinematic interpretation and tectonic history of San Juan Fault, Vancouver Island

White,Tristan, 2016, Digital geological map of central and eastern Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica – a contribution to the international SCAR GeoMAP project

Perez, Sergio, 2016, Using detrital zircons to determine the extent of Tava Sandstone in Colorado

Elkind, Sam, 2016, Digital cartography and GIS of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica (international collaboration with GNS Science, New Zealand)

Duckworth, W. Cody, 2016, Consequences of fault initiation on sandstone injection mechanisms: A comparison of faults and injectites of Cheyenne Mountain (CO) with well characterized injectite systems elsewhere

Chupik, Colin, 2016, Paleoseismology for recurrence interval and slip rate, Wairau Fault, Marlborough, New Zealand; co advised with Rob Langridge, GNS Science, New Zealand.

Shatford, Sally, 2015, Along-Strike Variations in Detrital Zircon Provenance of the Tava Sandstone Injectites, Colorado Front Range: insights into terrestrial paleoenvironments of Rodinia [thesis]

Lee, Alec, 2015, Paleo fluid flow in crystalline-hosted sandstone injectites from the Proterozoic: Evidence for the migration of hydrocarbons in the Colorado Front Range [thesis].

Cole, Anderson, 2014, Kinematic analysis of brittle faults and detrital zircon geochronology of Tava Sandstone, Manitou Springs, CO [ Carleton College student, co-advised].

Karlsson, Hannah M., 2013, Illite Ar-Ar Geochronology for determining time of formation of the Front Range monocline, Colorado Springs, CO, senior thesis.

Freedman, David J., 2013, Geomagnetic Investigation of sandstone dikes of the Colorado Front Range, for determination of age and mode of emplacement, senior project.

Collis, John, 2013, GIS and remote sensing of mafic dike array in southern Bighorn Mountains, WY

Fay, David, 2013, Field investigation of ductile structures of the Southern Gneiss domain, Bighorn Mountains, WY, senior project.

Robertson, Alex, 2013, Delineation of subglacial bedrock structure in glaciated regions using DEMs derived from stereoscopic satellite imagery, senior project.

Seymour, Abigail, 2013, Records of HT metamorphism and titanium mobility in gneisses of the Catalina subduction complex, CA, senior thesis.

Emery, Eleanor, 2012, Use of stereoscopic satellite imagery for 3D mapping of subglacial extent and of Neogene volcanoes of Antarctica, and printmaking for communication of ice sheet fluctuation

Contreras, Ashley, 2012, U-Pb and (U-Th)/He zircon analysis  to determine the timing and extent of Cretaceous exhumation in the West Antarctic rift system, within context of GIS

Cowling, Maggie, 2011, Geospatial analysis and database development of the Ford Ranges, West Antarctica, senior project in collaboration with Paul Morin, U. Minnesota.

Gould, Alex, 2011, Landforms analysis for assessment of paleoseismology of southwest Wairarapa region, New Zealand, senior project co-advised with R. Langridge and N. Litchfield

Brummit, Martha, 2011, Compilation of bedrock displacement along the Hope Fault, Marlborough fault system, New Zealand, senior project co-advised with R. Langridge


Graduate and PostDoctoral Research Mentoring

Cailey Condit, 2015 –, University of Colorado, Boulder, Zircon and monazite geochronology and trace element geochemistry of tectonites that record the Big Sky orogeny (N. Madison range, SW Montana). Doctoral committee advised by Kevin Mahan.

Christopher Yakymchuk, 2010-2014, University of Maryland, Migmatite-to-granite transition and evolution of continental crust along the East Gondwana margin. Doctoral committee advised by Mike Brown.

Jamie Levine, 2009-2012, University of Texas-Austin, Investigation of the Role of Strain Localization in Preferentially Inducing Melting and the Criteria used to Identify Anatectic Migmatites. Doctoral committee advised by S. Mosher.

Rory McFadden, 2005-09, University of Minnesota, Anatectic leucosomes and melt-flow network development in gneiss domes. Doctoral committee advised by C. Teyssier.

Fawna Korhonen, 2006-2008, University of Maryland (post doc), The role of partial melting in the evolution of continental crust. With Mike Brown, University of Maryland.

Satoshi Saito, 2006-2008, University of Maryland (post doc), Characterizing Carboniferous and Cretaceous Granites and their Sources in the Fosdick Mountains Gneiss Dome – A Pilot Study. With Mike Brown, University of Maryland.

Jamey Jones VI, 2001-2005, University of Texas-Austin, Proterozoic tectonic evolution of southern Laurentia: New constraints from field studies and geochronology in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Doctoral committee advised by J. Connelly.