The Finale…

Photo Credit: Angela Kong Waiting for my film to show up on the big screen was absolutely terrifying, and as I looked at the other students’ faces, I could tell they were doing a pretty awful job hiding their terror too. I exported my film at about 6:00 for the 7:00 screening. That’t not okay. […]

Hell Week

  Image by Mackenzie Ross I was going to title this post something cute like “The 12 Days of Editing”, but I think this is a more deserving title. The editing room resembles my room more so than my actual room. I think I have more food around the desktop computer than I do in […]

Movies on Movies and BACA

Hello all CC blog readers, whether seasoned or new, thanks for tuning in. My name is Tom and I am a fellow student with Angela Kong in the Documentary Film Institute class. Angela already has told quite a bit alluding to our externship experiences, but I just want to extend a quick background about the […]