Classy Class in Shove Chapel

  Today was a revealing day. We’re currently in the process of a major work of collaboration within our groups, and we performed 5-7 minutes of excerpts from what will soon be performed as 25-30 minute plays for our final productions. The public will be invited, so come one, come all! Here is the facebook […]

Week two wasn’t too weak

‘Twas a productive week. It was a marathon of scenes, monologues, and choreopoem collaborations. We read many examples and excerpts from plays and poems and then spent the week writing and revising our own. The magic seeps through in the revisions, so we’ve been told. Idris tells us “The performance writer writes in real time. He/she […]

Block Plan Spice. [UPDATED]

The temperature hovers just over 7 degrees. They’re in short sleeves, single-layered tees, soccer jerseys, no scarves or beanies. I’m wearing two layers of tights beneath my jeans, a thermal, mittens, and a ski coat. Though I’ve only been outside for some 15 minutes, my thighs already burn from the freeze. They’ve been shooting since 8 and […]

Disney is My Religion

Last night we read “The Happiest Place on Earth: Disney’s America and the Commodification of Religion,” (Mazur and Koda). It argues that for many Americans, salvation is a commodity. Disney is competing with religion by offering the same products: “mythologies, symbols, rituals, and notions of community by which consumers organize their lives.” Disney provides lessons […]

Civil Religion in America

Today in class we debated whether or not there is a civil religion in America. Again, we used Durkheim’s definition of a religion: a unifying set of practices. We discussed the rituals we participate in (like voting or saying the pledge of allegiance) that reinforce American’s shared value system rooted in democracy. We talked about […]

Videogames, Aesthetics, and Culture In Review

As an aspiring Film and New Media Studies major, I did not expect to become so enthralled with the concept of new media or media studies.  I begrudgingly accepted that I would have to take classes like Intro to Media Studies and Videogames in order to ascertain the title of “Film Major.” I showed up […]

Super Super Mario Bros. For our latest project, two classmates and I collaborated on a creative project that combined game theory with Super Mario Bros. One aspect of videogames that I have found particularly interesting in class is the arbitrary world that the game-makers create. In this video we try to demonstrate the irrational goals and boundaries of […]