Museum Work with the Art History FYE

Our art history FYE, now drawing to a close, was first and foremost a study of Western art from pre-historic times to the 20th century. This subject matter was a fascinating look into the cultures, beliefs, and systems of different civilizations throughout time. That being said, what interested me the most during this course was […]

Abstract Flowers

For someone who has never seen the process of making glassware, it is easy to miss the fact that glass is actually melted into a thick liquid in order to make molding possible. The honey-like glass is then collected on the blowpipe (a long metal structure in which air can be blown into to shape […]

My Chihuly Experience

My Chihuly Experience Who is Chihuly? Dale Chihuly is known around the world as an incredible glass artist. He was born in the state of Washington in 1941, where he grew up and graduated high school years later. Chihuly did not think that he wanted to pursue further education after high school, but was talked into […]

Understanding Each Other’s Art

I’m Shaian Gutiérrez, and the work of art that I’m learning about in my FYE is called La Catrina, by José Guadalupe Posada. La Catrina is a lithograph print that was made during the Mexican Revolution. The image is of a skeleton with a large, expensive hat on. I’ve been learning about (and will continue […]