Criminalistics: Week 1

Though I’m starting to realize this about the block plan, it still astonishes me how much you can learn in a week. Coming into class Monday, my forensic knowledge had pretty much consisted of whatever tidbits I picked up from the occasional CSI or Dexter episode. So, needless to say, our first task of solving [...]

EN 283: I Love Writing Days

9:30-12 Beginning Fiction Writing 12:00 pm: meet with Kendra 1:30-2:45 pm: Cru Women's Bible study 2:30: Pilgrimage Presentation prep 3:00 pm: Thesis Meeting 4:00 pm: Film Union meeting 7:00 pm: Visiting Writer 6 pm call 7:30 GO for BKLN dress rehearsal 10:05: hall meeting Thank goodness Friday is a writing day (aka NO CLASS).