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Posts from the Spring 2020 issue

Reaching Across the Aisle

In this Point of View piece, Emma Gorsuch ’21 shares what it’s like for her as a conservative student at CC.

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From Building on the Block to Exploring the Planet

Colorado College is wishing President Jill Tiefenthaler P’21, P’24 a gratitude-filled farewell as her time at the college nears its end. The Bulletin reflects upon her nine-year tenure and its many accomplishments.

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Student Perspective

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A Tiger Can Change Its Stripes

CC Athletics Unveils Refreshed Logos and Mascot Several different versions of a tiger have found a home on Colorado College athletics uniforms, facilities, and offices throughout the history of the school. In addition, two interlocking Cs as well as many forms of wordmarks have been sprinkled around campus. In 1938, when the hockey team made…

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Tiefenthaler’s Top 10

What is … … your favorite spot on campus? I love the fourth floor of Tutt Library. It’s a bird’s eye view of campus, and sunsets from the balcony are breathtaking. … your most embarrassing moment at CC? Earlier this year, I was handing out cookies in Tutt Library to students during fourth week. The…

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