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Liz Cheney’s Colorado College Education Led to GOP Showdown

Professor Emeritus Bob Loevy on Liz Cheney ’88 and the GOP Showdown

Issue: Summer 2021 • Tags:

State of the Rockies 2021

Kat Miller-Stevens

New State of the Rockies Director Kat Miller-Stevens explores the paradox of providing affordable, reliable energy while minimizing negative impacts on local and global environments.

Issue: Spring 2021 • Tags:

Pandemic Intensifies Inequities in STEM

Associate Professor of Environmental Science Rebecca Barnes says the lack of women in the STEM workforce is not a leaky pipeline.

Issue: Summer 2021 • Tags: ,

Reaching Across the Aisle

In this Point of View piece, Emma Gorsuch ’21 shares what it’s like for her as a conservative student at CC.

Issue: Spring 2020 • Tags: ,

Student Discourse

About 50 students participate in Forensics on one of three teams: Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, and Mock Trial. Unfamiliar with competitive communications? Here are the basics, per CC’s Speech and Debate Coach Sarah Hinkle. Speech and Debate: This team offers 11 different competitive public speaking and performance-based events. Students choose up to six…

Issue: Spring 2020 • Tags:

Canadian Drugs Aren’t the Solution to High U.S. Prescription Prices

Drug importation schemes are again being offered up as a remedy to high U.S. drug prices.  Recently proposed legislation in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia aims to reduce spending on pharmaceuticals by importing them from Canada. Advocates reason that American patients can lower their drug costs by importing…

Issue: Summer 2019 • Tags: ,

From CC Student to IBM Executive: How I Built on My CC Experience

It’s hard to believe almost eight years have gone by since I graduated from Colorado College. I recently had the opportunity to return to campus as part of the Stratton Series, which allows students to meet members of diverse industries, learn about their career journeys, and seek advice for breaking into these fields. My visit…

Issue: Spring 2019 • Tags:

Curating Collections and Collaborations at the Fine Arts Center

I’ve been a full-time staff member of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center since March 2010. Though I am a now middle-aged Air Force brat and therefore not technically a native, I consider Colorado Springs to be my hometown. I spent 11 years in the District 11 public school system prior to attending the University…

Issue: Spring 2018 • Tags:

Mission Possible: Create a Network of CC Climate Change Professionals

Megan Nicklaus, Career Center director, has identified more than 300 CC alumni on LinkedIn under the descriptors “climate change,” “renewable energy,” and “environment.” These fields are critical to human welfare, environmental sustainability, and national security. In the spirit of the “Mission Impossible” movies and TV series, we’ve made it our mission to find these alumni…

Issue: Winter 2017 • Tags:

Going Trump: Fear & Change —2016

Election year 2016 was full of twists and turns. Read Political Science Professor Tom Cronin’s thoughts on what he calls the “Fear and Change” campaign season.

Issue: Winter 2016 • Tags: