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Untold Stories: Taizo Nakashima, Class of 1893

Colorado College’s connection with Asia was built, initially, by its international students.

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These Miles Hold Memories

Celebrating 50 Years of the Aspen Bike Trip The first-ever block break at Colorado College occurred in September 1970, marking the end of the very first class conducted on CC’s new academic schedule, now the iconic Block Plan. Coincidentally, this also marked the genesis of a now-beloved CC tradition, the Aspen Bike Trip. For the…

Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

Happy 50th Block Plan!

The Block Plan celebration marks the 50th anniversary of Colorado College’s innovative one-class-at-a-time academic system — the Block Plan. The Block Plan celebration involves a year of events and programming highlighting the impact the Block Plan has had on those who have experienced it as faculty, staff, and students. And as we celebrate the past,…

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When It Comes to COVID-19, CC’s Students Write It Best

Student journalists with the CC COVID-19 Reporting Project share original reporting, interviews, and infographics.

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Inaugural Stroud Scholars Rise to Challenge

Named in honor of two of the earliest Black students to graduate from CC, the Stroud Scholars Program helps prepare and engage high-promise students from across the Pikes Peak Region in pursuing their ambitions to attend college.

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A Year in Photos


Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

Breaking New Ground

Roxaneh Khorsand, visiting assistant professor in the Organismal Biology and Ecology Department since 2018, adapts to teaching biology of plants during the pandemic

Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

‘A Double Learning Curve’: One new CC professor details his experience working and teaching remotely

Teaching on the Block Plan for the first time can be challenging. But teaching on the Block Plan for the first time and doing it online is “a double learning curve.” Assistant Professor of History John Marquez started his career at Colorado College from home. During Block 1, Marquez co-taught an online junior history seminar with Assistant…

Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

As COVID makes food insecurity more visible, Colorado College launches weekly distribution program to keep students fed 

As COVID-19 continues to rage across the country, communities struggling with food insecurity grow increasingly vulnerable. In August, The Denver Post reported one in three Coloradans were struggling to eat. Last month, CNN reported there were thousands of cars in line to collect food from a pantry in Dallas, Texas. While Congress sits on another stimulus bill, some communities have embraced forms of…

Issue: Winter 2020-21 • Tags:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? CC’s sustainability efforts shift to accommodate pandemic protocols

In the Before Times, Colorado College students would go to the college’s cafeteria, grab reusable plates and silverware, and serve themselves from a spread of food. At the college’s coffee shop, students could bring their own mugs instead of using disposable to-go cups. But then the pandemic hit, and guidelines for COVID-19 safety began encouraging everyone to…

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