Week 1: Redefining Norms

Everything I thought I knew about the world has changed. CC moved entirely virtual, the Olympic Committee postponed the 2020 games to 2021, and Costco ran out of toilet paper, which, up until two weeks ago, I thought was technically impossible. In a way, the effects of this COVID-19 pandemic remind me of my first […]

The Final Pitch!

Following our return from Boston, the EC 348 innovation pals were on FIRE today as we delivered our final innovation pitches. To echo the sentiment of our very own Jordan Stern, all of our presentations were so flipping, tipping, whipping GOOD! Every single person’s presentation was so creative, thoughtful, and engaging to THE MAX! Plus, our presentation […]

Boston Day 1: A Foil Swan Full of Fun!

Happy greetings from Boston! Our first day touring the legendary Beantown was a wet, slushy affair; but our umbrellas were bright and our group spirit shined even BRIGHTER! As a shining, smiling pack, we began the morning with an exceptional Professor Johnson-led tour of MIT, stopping specifically to see the Isaac Newton apple tree (yum!) […]

Patents, Puppies, and Professionalism: Welcome to Economics of Innovation!

Hi, my name is Ali and I’m a senior Economics major and REMS minor … and I’m super thrilled to blog about our UBER COOL seventh block class, The Economics of Innovation, taught by Professor Dan Johnson! For the first half of the class, we’ve been digging in deep on the literature, theory, and policy […]