I sometimes find quantitative, number- and statistic-based data to be like porcupines: prickly, pointed, and good to look at but not so good to touch. But for the past week, our class has been using a lot of data, and I like it. In groups of two or three we were assigned a city where […]

Just Because You Drive a Prius Doesn’t Mean You Can Stop Worrying About the Environment (and other musings from week one of Environmental Sociology)

What are you doing right now? Are you eating food? Drinking coffee? Wearing clothes? What about shoes? Are you in a house? Is there a car outside? Whatever specific things may be happening, you can be sure that your arrival at the current situation has taken some sort of generalized toll on the environment. No […]

Cultural Anthropology and Hispanic Folk Art of the Southwest: Week 2

Being a first-year here at CC, one of the most commonly asked questions that I hear from other first-years is “What FYE are you in?” See, for most people, that’s an easy question to answer. “Drawing,” they might reply. Or “Chem.” Maybe even “Philosophy.” But that’s not the case for my fourteen classmates and me. […]