Highlights of the Oxmas Season

Apologies for being out of touch, friends. Things have been busy as the term came to an end. Now Oxford is filled with young interviewees seeking admission to the University, and I am leaving to explore France and other parts of the UK. As a side note, admission to Oxford basically comes down to two […]

Brooms Up

“Brooms up!” says the referee, and we all sprint for the center of the field. It’s a race for the four balls, chasers running for the Quaffle (an under inflated volleyball) and Beaters for the three bludgers (dodgeballs). There’s mud in my face so I can’t really see, but I charge ahead enthusiastically and slam […]

Friends versus Family: How to Vacation in London

I’ve been to London twice in the past six months. The first time I went with my family and absolutely abhorred the experience. After visiting every single possible tourist location in all of England, we rented a car and drove four hours to the ‘Dr. Who Experience’—which is some sort of strange hybrid museum/amusement ride […]

TATE Modern

Dead trees in a giant, empty white room. They reach toward the ceiling, materializing out of two blocks of industrial wood. Their barren trunks extend upwards from their square bases. Short, cut branches poke out in all directions. A small plaque says that they were chipped out of huge planks, ring by ring, until the […]