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Posts from the April 2014 issue

‘Wordless’ Wows Sold-out Crowd

Art Spiegelman, noted artist, historian, and theorist of comics, and saxophonist great Phillip Johnston performed “Wordless!” as the keynote event at the 13th annual Cornerstone Arts Week in January. The performance combining slides, lecture, and music was highlighted by Spiegelman’s discussion about the earliest graphic novels and their influence on him. As President Jill Tiefenthaler…

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Our Campus

Bryan Oller joined CC as staff photographer in December 2013. Previously, he worked as a staff photographer at The (Colorado Springs) Gazette and as a freelance photojournalist. His images of Colorado’s devastating wildfires and floods in Colorado have appeared in publications such as The New York Times and Time magazine. Oller has won numerous Colorado…

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It’s A Place Where Problems Are Solved

“The center will be a place where problems are solved; where, if you come asking questions, a human will help you find answers.” – Anne Hyde, CC professor of history and director of the Crown Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching will provide an innovative central location for the programs and services that make Colorado College unique.

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From the President

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Colorado College, It’s no secret that the Block Plan works. Our signature program offers a powerful learning approach that delivers what many students are looking for today: intensive explorations across and between academic disciplines; meaningful experiential learning opportunities; and close student-faculty interaction. When Colorado College recently received an $800,000…

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The Mellon Foundation Grant

Photo by Bryan Oller

Powering the Startup of the Center In October 2013, Colorado College received an $800,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support the college’s strategic plan and enable CC to realize the Block Plan’s full potential. The grant is the largest the college has ever received from the foundation. The grant’s primary purpose is…

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Hecox Honored for Conservation Work

Walt Hecox ’64, professor of economics in the Environmental Program at Colorado College and director of the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project, received the 2013 Stuart P. Dodge Award for lifetime achievement in conservation from the Palmer Land Trust. In announcing the award, the Palmer Land Trust noted that “Hecox’s long career culminated…

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CC Launches New Half Block Opportunities


In January 2014, Colorado College launched a series of new and diverse experiences for Half Block, the shortened academic session between Winter Break and Block 5. It was filled with opportunities aimed at helping students explore interests, develop life skills, and enhance existing abilities. The program proved popular, with more than 332 students registering for…

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Faraway Shors

John Shors ’91 has traveled the world but always carries with him the CC spirit of curiosity and service to others.

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CC’s Marijuana Policy Unchanged

Colorado College has a long-standing policy against drug use on campus and within the college community, and that policy has not changed with Colorado’s adoption of Amendment 64. CC is dedicated to providing the finest liberal arts education in the country; to achieve this mission, the college seeks to foster a healthy learning environment and…

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The Man Behind the Lens

Summer Olympics, London, 2012, equestrian dressage at Greenwich Park Including the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Burnett has photographed 10 Olympics: eight summer and two winter. Seems there’s an obvious preference for one over the other. He laughs. “I’m not really big on cold.”

David Burnett ’68 Captures Moments, Miles, and Memories David Burnett has photographed gun battles in the streets of Iran, Olympic divers seemingly paused in mid-air, every president since John F. Kennedy. He’s chronicled D-Day anniversaries in Normandy and authored “Soul Rebel,” a book of Bob Marley images. He’s won more national and international awards for…

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