During Block 6, Artist-in-Residence Rosy Simas taught a dance production lab class, which culminated in an online and socially distanced live performance. Here, Kaila Ablao ’21 performs at the dress rehearsal. More on this class and arts at CC →

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Ciara Bowen ’21 takes notes during Professor of Psychology Kristi Erdal’s Block 5 Human Neuropsychology course in Tutt Library. The library setting provided socially distanced seating and allowed students to access fresh air from a patio. The class was one of several in-person courses offered to students living on campus and locally off campus. Photo by Jennifer Coombes

During a paired off exercise, Yasmine Khali ’24 (far left) and Erick Gullock Benavides ’24 (far right) look at different kinds of snow under a magnifying glass. Associate Professor of Organismal Biology and Ecology Emilie Gray’s CC105 Winter Ecology course visited Mueller State Park where students observed and took notes on various tree species and wildlife. The FYE course is designed for Winter Start students. Photo by Jennifer Coombes

Grace Dereemer ’23 and Quattro Musser ’22 show off the new tie dyed t-shirts they created in the Arts and Crafts Department at Worner Campus Center during Winter Start Orientation.
Photo by Chidera Ikpeamarom ’22