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Posts from the Spring 2021 issue

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Pivots in the Pandemic

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College rises to the occasion during the pandemic and proves that necessity really does breed creativity, from emuseums to drive-in, socially distanced performances by Denver’s renowned Buntport Theatre Company.

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‘Creating a Container’: Teaching and Learning During COVID-19

Transdisciplinary artist Rosy Simas was on campus for the Spring Semester as the Department of Theatre and Dance’s first artist-in-residence, thanks to a gift that created the newly established position.

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Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Faculty: The Riley Scholars-in-Residence Program

Started in 1988, CC’s Riley Scholars-in-Residence program helps those in under-represented minority groups prepare for careers in academia – or determine if such a career is right for them.

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Nurturing Seeds of Innovation

Over the summer, amid the chaos and confusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, Creativity & Innovation at CC decided to tweak one of their longest-standing traditions: The Big Idea competition. Creativity & Innovation Director Dez Stone Menendez ’02 had been mulling the change ever since she returned to CC in 2016. With a lot of help…

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Young Alumni in the Arts

Over the past year, the arts have taken on new meaning as creators explore mediums for teaching, learning, and self-expression during a global pandemic.

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IDEA/Campus Collection: Regional Artwork That Speaks to CC’s Sense of Place

CC’s IDEA/Campus Collection has evolved over the years, and is unique in that it is almost entirely donated.

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Professor Nate Marshall’s Enduring Momentum

Chicago Public Library Award, “Finna,” and More Assistant Professor of English, poet, and spoken word artist Nate Marshall has not allowed the circumstances posed by the pandemic to decelerate his exciting momentum. In one year, Marshall published his anthology “Finna,” named one of the best books of 2020 by NPR; was awarded the 21st Century…

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Decolonizing During a Pandemic

During her residency as the Andrew W. Mellon Artist-in-Residence at Colorado College for the 2019-20 academic year, Anna Tsouhlarakis erected two eye-catching billboards near downtown Colorado Springs. These billboards read: “I really like the way you respect Native American rights” and “It’s great how you acknowledge that Native Americans are here.” Their design — in…

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Untold Stories: Taizo Nakashima, Class of 1893

Colorado College’s connection with Asia was built, initially, by its international students.

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