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Posts from the Spring 2019 issue

Teaching and Learning by Creating Art

A “messy collision between the theory and the practice of teaching community-based studio arts” had seven students wheel-throwing, sculpting, painting, and making collages during a 10-day Half-Block course, Art Education and Learning Laboratory. “We practiced how to identify, and fill, the gaps between what a student already knows and what they are about to learn,”…

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Creating Bridges of Relevance and Big Ideas

The Big Idea pitch competition provides an opportunity for students to win up to $25,000 for business, nonprofit, or social enterprise innovations. And while the competition is focused on making real startups successful, the overarching objective is learning and building experiences that create bridges of relevance to the careers and activities of students beyond life…

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Fine Arts Center Celebrates 100 Years

Established in 1919 in what had been Spencer and Julie Penrose’s private downtown estate, the Broadmoor Art Academy served as a pillar in the cultural community of the Rocky Mountain West — ultimately evolving into what is known today as the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College.

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Fine Arts Center Celebrates 100 Years: Historic Highlights

See to learn more about FAC’s rich history.  Special FAC Centennial Events The FAC’s Bemis School of Art will mount classes in printmaking, lithography, en plein air painting, and other related mediums in celebration of the art and artists whose work here during the BAA’s heyday contributed significantly to artistic traditions of the era.…

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Seeding Student-Faculty Collaboration: State of the Rockies Launches Rapid Response Research Grants

Not too many professors can say they have to worry about dogs literally eating a student’s work, but it will be a genuine possibility during Associate Research Professor Steven Taylor’s upcoming State of the Rockies project. A recipient of a 2019 Rockies Rapid Response Research Grant, Taylor will work with CC interns this summer to…

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Meet Corina McKendry, New State of the Rockies Project Director

The three pillars of sustainability — environmental protection, economic well-being, and social justice — tie in with the three hats Corina McKendry wears: She is director of the State of the Rockies Project, associate professor of political science, and core faculty in the Environmental Studies program. The goal of the State of the Rockies Project…

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What You Do Matters

For many, the enormity of climate change can produce a sort of paralysis: What can I possibly do to make a difference? My answer is: plenty! Every little bit helps, and you never know how many others you might inspire through your own actions. Doing something — anything — also has a way of producing…

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We Are Still In: Paris Climate Agreement

The United States may intend to pull out of the Paris Agreement in 2020, but Colorado College is saying “We Are Still In.” In 2015, 195 countries, including the United States, came together in Paris and agreed to make strides to limit the effects of global warming, such as by reducing carbon emissions to 26-28…

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Digging Into the Roots of Climate Change: Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish Tackles Tough Topics

As the energy and climate justice manager for the student-founded Environmental Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish ’00 bridges energy, water, and climate change issues with a social equity lens. Gabrieloff-Parish’s interest in these issues stems from her childhood. She was raised in a family where environmental and social issues were talked…

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Christine Siddoway Aims to Shed New Light on Antarctic Ice Sheet

Professor of Geology Christine Siddoway set sail from Punta Arenas, Chile, on Jan. 24, heading for Antarctica as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 379. The expedition is dedicated to obtaining records and data from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Amundsen Sea. The expedition will provide important clues into the future…

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