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Posts from the Summer 2020 issue

“CC Conversations on Racism, Policing, and Protest”

The college is hosting a new virtual panel discussion forum series on topics of interest called “CC Conversations.” A panel discussion on racism, which took place June 18, occurred concurrently with Juneteenth celebrations across the country, and was the first in a series that the college will host virtually in the coming weeks and months.…

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CC Names Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leadership, Receives $1 Million Gift for Antiracism Efforts

Colorado College has named a three-person DEI leadership team and CC Board of Trustees Chair Susie Burghart ’77 has donated $1 million to enhance and accelerate the work of the new team and further the college’s antiracism initiative.

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1918 To Today: The History of Pandemics at Colorado College

The year 2020 isn’t the first time Colorado College has had to respond to a global pandemic. There have been several times in our history when infectious disease affected our campus and students.

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How to Make a Paper Block

Consider how you want to approach your block. The six images you choose for your block might each represent a different aspect of yourself, or they could show six sides of your life. They might each represent an aspect of life during the pandemic. Or you might simply choose six images that resonate with each…

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50! Celebrating with the Class of 1970

Like many who came before and after us, the Class of 1970 arrived at CC in the fall of 1966 with high hopes, anxieties, and aspirations. And we all were changed by discoveries in unanticipated fields that set us on paths many of us hadn’t imagined. Some students were only our classmates for the first…

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Lighting the Fuse Box

Quarantine Collaboration Provides an Opening to Creativity, Mindfulness, and Connection The collaboration between Jane Hilberry, CC professor of Creativity and Innovation, and Colorado Springs resident Sam Stephenson began with a question. When locals began socially isolating in mid-March, Stephenson, who organizes “Converge,” a Colorado Springs lecture series designed to bring people together for author visits…

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Class of 1970 Remembers

Come walk with us down memory lane, and catch a glimpse of what it was like to be on campus 50 years ago. The memories of the Class of 1970’s 50th Reunion Committee members might surprise you as they answer 10 questions that bring to light the things that have changed, and those that remain…

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A Look Back at a Forward-Thinking Model

Learn about the origins of the Colorado College Block Plan.

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Creative Projects Commemorate 50 Years on the Block Plan

In anticipation of the Block Plan reaching the half-century mark, Colorado College faculty began planning several creative projects to commemorate the occasion three years ago. Two books, a documentary, and a podcast are slated for release this fall, each format lending itself to a different take on the Block Plan’s impact on the students, faculty,…

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Reading Between the Lines

A Summer Session English class taught by Assistant Professor Michael Sawyer read and discussed six major works by iconic Black authors, in the context of current events and protests.

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