Spotlight on Half Block: Moving, Thinking, Meaning

Welcome to our Spotlight on Half Block series! Each week leading up to Dynamic Half Block in January, we’re featuring one of 2018’s non-credit offerings here on our blog. Registration for all non-credit offerings is now open on Summit.

Spotlight on Moving, Thinking, Meaning: Investigating Mind and Body in Dance and Movement Theatre

What’s this class about?

One of the major challenges for the performing artist, no matter what style of dance, mime or theater, is actually ‘being in the moment’ when performing. How do we avoid getting ahead of ourselves, acting only from memory, being overly self-conscious or self-critical when we’re moving or acting onstage? As well, why do viewers so often feel obliged to analyze or ‘get’ what is happening onstage? These issues are of fundamental importance no matter what type of dance or movement we’re interested in.

This will be a research workshop that examines three basic issues for dancers and all those interested in movement for the stage: how to bring mind and body together in the moment of performance, how movement creates meaning, and how often-unconscious preconceptions about dance influence how we see and make performance.

What are the times and dates?

Half Block: January 8-18, with class from 9am-noon.

What kinds of skills will I learn?

You’ll learn how to become comfortable and engaged in the present while performing and how to avoid self-criticism.

Register on Summit.

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