Spotlight on Half Block: Computer Language as a Language

Welcome to our Spotlight on Half Block series! Each week leading up to Dynamic Half Block in January, we’re featuring one of 2018’s non-credit offerings here on our blog. Registration for all non-credit offerings is now open on Summit.

Spotlight on Computer Language as a Language

What’s this class about?

Does the idea of “computer programming” sound completely foreign? What about coding? This half block course, which likens learning computer code to learning a new language, is for you.

Typically, computer programming classes approach programming from a mathematical problem solving approach, which fits with the reasoning strategies most frequently used in computer science. In this experimental non-credit course, we will approach computer programming as a communication problem and work from analogies with natural language to explore and learn programming skills. No previous programming experience is expected, and humanities and social science majors are especially encouraged to register. 

What are the times and dates?

All of Half Block: January 8-18, with class from 9am-noon.

What kinds of skills will I learn?

Besides learning the basics of the computer programming language python, you’ll also learn a new pedagogical strategy!

Register on Summit.

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