Only one more block until Dynamic Half Block!

Yes, you read that right: Dynamic Half Block 2018 is just one block away. Half Block will take place January 8-18, 2018.

Haven’t registered yet? Check out the course listing on our website. You can sign up for classes until December 21st via Summit Student Life.

Want to learn more about the classes offered this year? Check out our Spotlight on Half Block posts, which will give you more insights on the unique, technologically-advanced, skill-building classes being offered.

Spotlight on Half Block:

Advertising Agency Immersion
Building Your Freelance Writing Business
Computer Language as a Language
Creative Projects Masterclass
Digital Tools for the Liberal Arts
Global Debt: A common factor driving uncommon times
Journalism Boot Camp
Management Consulting 101
Moving, Thinking, Meaning
Represent Your First Client, Try Your First Case
Soundance: Film Audio Blowout!
The Vocab: Critical approaches to spoken word writing and performing


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