Week 2: The Essay

After a relaxing weekend filled with reading, coloring, exploring the arts, and taking a stroll with nature, our class piled into the room. With our refreshed minds we prepared for our next assignment. The Essay is our last big assignment that is supposed to encompass our lives. The first day we described our golden memory, […]

Week 4

4/11-12/16 FIELD TRIP!!!     The “cloudmaker” bomb, at a chemical weapons storage facility in Pueblo, Colorado                   Due to poor weather, our original plans for the trip changed and we ended up visiting numerous sites around the front range. Bent’s Old Fort, in La Junta, Colorado. […]

Week 3

4/4/16 Today we started class with our second test, reviewing concepts from last week of land and rock disturbances.   Once finished, we had a discussion on the weekend’s reading: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, by Naomi Klein. Students discussed the selfish psychology of big business and asserted that since business is only […]

Week 1

During our first week of class we looked at the drivers for mass extinctions in the past and looked at current comparisons and differences. Some of the drivers of extinctions are highlighted in this class symposium website made by Ben Stillwell. Some of the drivers for mass extinction are: Bolide Impact Extreme Volcanism Climate Change   […]

The Week at Snowdance

It’s been a wild and crazy week in Park City! On top of averaging 4-5 movies per day, we have been attending industry panels with many of the filmmakers; Q and A’s after each screening; speed-dating sessions with producers, writers, and directors; open talks about Sundance’s goings on in the filmmaker’s lodge; virtual reality exhibits; […]

Why Art (When it’s Tedious)?

On Wednesday our time in Special Collections was spent carefully handling rare, ancient objects, like clay tablets from 2,000 BCE, or a leaflet of the Gutenburg Bible, to help us think about books’ beginnings. Yesterday, we time traveled to recent centuries, where the bird’s-eye view is quite different. Jessy covered the tables in books that […]

Ethics of Genetics

Trisomy – Possession of 3 copies of a chromosome instead of the normal 2. Trisomies occur in non disjunction events: when chromosomes do not properly separate during the production of gametes (egg or sperm). In that scenario, an embryo conceived from gametes with improper number of chromosomes may be missing or have more than the […]

Dirty Hands, Clear Head

It’s 11:30 P.M. I’m at the press, having just finished a group project in which my partner and I had to print a blue A onto a piece of paper, directly upon a red A which was previously printed there. This, like the projects that have come before, is a long and detail-oriented task requiring […]