I went to the Jewish Community Day School in Watertown to speak about EyeWire during the middle school STEM day. Presenting is always difficult for me but this day was fun nonetheless. The kids were super psyched on science and this has provided me with an opportunity to directly chat with some teachers who know more […]

Enter If You Dare

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have struggled with what to post here, searching for topics which are funny, profound, and culturally relevant. But now the wait is over! The topic which fulfills all the above and more is…grocery shopping. Never having been my forte at home (though I can buy a mean microwavable meal, let me […]

Jet Lag as an Act of Insurgent Art

For the first time since starting to provide words for Colorado College’s blog, I am going to relate the content of the post to the title: on Tuesday our class will be presenting our final performances for the block… jet lagged. We have safely arrived back in the United States of America as of about […]

Acting and its Effects on the Body, Mind

Zdravo! Belgrade is a picturesque city. Our hotel sits on a large traffic circle through which trolleys and busses and cars come careening with little regard for one another. A few blocks down the main shootoff of the roundabout you’ll come to a large plaza with a statue of a man riding a horse. A […]

The Insurgency of Art

John’s last post outlined most of what we did during First Week, but let me update you on Friday’s class, because it was awesome! We’ve been studying a lot of political theory (and practice) and we’re just starting to get into what for me is the most fascinating part of the “art of insurgency”: the […]