The Art of Insurgency

Thursday, Week One, Block 7, Year 4. This week is the first of four in which a group of 14 Colorado College students will be focusing their academic energy on the connections between acts of insurgency, civil disobedience, protest, regime opposition and performance. The focus is largely in the Balkans. What roles did performance play […]

The Weekend

I have a fifteen-page play due on Monday. I’m really not sure why I’m writing this blog entry right now, honestly–every waking moment should be spent on this play. I have a semi-story in my head, and about a page on paper. Right now my main concern is making it work without a lot of […]

Framework Narrative

We read a play today called The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow by Rolin Jones. It was near-perfect: a tasteful mix of awkward Mormon comedy and painful identity-crisis drama. One of the most interesting aspects of the play, though, wasn’t the fact that the title character is a robot, or that the protagonist has OCD. […]

It’s done!

And all it took was putting my nose to the grindstone. You know what came out of it? Definitely not anything I expected. But I think it’s something worth being proud of. And that is exactly what I wanted. The Attic Play. It’s about a raccoon breaking up a marriage. And it’s totally worth it. […]

Albee Fine

When I started writing what I’m now affectionately referring to as “The Attic Play,” I was worried I was just reproducing Edward Albee’s bizarre, hilarious masterpiece “The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?” The danger in this was that Idris is way more well-read than I am, so if I was thinking it, he definitely would […]

Highlights of the Oxmas Season

Apologies for being out of touch, friends. Things have been busy as the term came to an end. Now Oxford is filled with young interviewees seeking admission to the University, and I am leaving to explore France and other parts of the UK. As a side note, admission to Oxford basically comes down to two […]