“Food, Agriculture, and the Environment”. Update #3 (a good, long read!).

  After visiting the Colorado Springs Food Rescue and speaking to Zac Chapman and Shane Lory on Tuesday of last week, we moved on from studying food security, justice, access, and sovereignty to studying the influence of politics on the agricultural sector and the experience of farming in America (or at least in Colorado). This […]

“Food, Agriculture, and the Environment”. Update #2.

On Friday, June 28th, to round out the first week of the class, we met first to discuss agricultural biotechnology and then walked over to the Fine Arts Center at Colorado College to visit an exhibit about the acequias of New Mexico. Genetically modified organisms are the subject of much heated debate for good reason. The […]


Hey all こんばんわー(konbanwa-)(good evening)!  I’ve been thinking all the time about what to write about a language course. What did I do today? New grammar and vocab. What else? Memorizing new grammar and vocab. 面白くない*! So I decided to start from why I chose Japanese. Usually, besides interest, why would you learn a new language? […]