Energizing the Rockies: Energy Challenges in Global, National and Regional Perspectives

Energizing the Rockies was a monthly speaker series running from December 2006 to March 2007, co-sponsored with the Schlessman Business Perspectives Program, which addressed the impacts the current energy boom is having on the communities and environment in the eight-state Rockies region.

The eight-state Rockies region is undergoing an immense energy boom in exploration and production. Communities as well as ecosystems are affected in profound ways. Alongside economic benefits in jobs and income come stresses to the region’s communities, land, water, and wildlife. What role is appropriate for the Rockies as the U.S. seeks less dependence on foreign energy supplies? How are global and national conditions likely to impact the future of energy in the Rockies? When and how might renewable energy as well as conservation become a significant part of our national energy system? These and other questions were addressed by speakers in this series, intended to contribute to campus and community awareness and discussion of critical issues facing the Rockies.

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