State of the Rockies Conference 2012: Final Session of Conference on 4/10 highlighted Colorado’s Stake in the Colorado River Basin

Government agencies are aware of the concerns that the Colorado River won’t have enough water to meet legal obligations in coming years and are working to avoid that scenario, three industry experts said during the final presentation of the 2012 Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conference. Held April 9-10 on the campus, the […]

2012 State of the Rockies Conference: On 4/10 Governor Hickenlooper addressed youth and the future of Colorado’s water

While there’s no “single silver bullet” to solving the challenges facing the Colorado River Basin, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Tuesday that conservation will help ensure adequate water supply in the future. “Our discipline around how much water we use is going to be the foundation of everything we do,” he said April 10, as a […]

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Director of U.S. Geological Survey Marcia McNutt speak at Rockies Conference on 4/9/2012

Protecting the environment and developing the economy can go hand-in-hand, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar told this year’s State of the Rockies Project Conference attendees in his keynote address April 9. “When people say we have to choose, it’s a false choice. We can do both — we’re doing it here in Colorado,” […]

Rockies Project Speakers Series Event on 1/30/2012- Unheard Voices of the Colorado River Basin

The Navajo Nation and the wetlands of Mexico have something in common: Both should be at the table of discussion when it comes to water rights of the Colorado River Basin, according to two experts in their fields. More than 175 Colorado College students, faculty and area residents heard the speakers’ cases for their causes […]

Two new videos from the Rockies Project Source to Sea Journey are up on the Rockies YouTube channel!

We’ve just posted two new videos from Will and Zak up on the Rockies YouTube channel. The first details their journey from Flaming Gorge to Lodore Canyon, the second from Desolation Canyon to the Grand. Here’s the first video. For the second video and the other Source to Sea videos visit the Rockies Project YouTube […]

The Rockies Project Source to Sea trip continues south.

In the last few weeks our Rockies Project Field Researchers left the Grand Canyon, crossed Lake Mead, traveled over Hoover Dam and down through Black Canyon and have just crossed Lake Mohave. Up next is Lake Havasu and Parker Dam before continuing south towards Mexico. Follow their progress through their SPOT GPS here: