Climate change in Nevada can be stopped with our help



By C. Moon Reed

March 1, 2019


Polar bears are invading Russian villages because melting arctic ice pushes them toward civilization.

That’s just the latest story in a string of disasters, ominous warnings and strange happenings brought on by global climate change.

While we may be distant from polar vortexes and sea-level rise, Southern Nevada faces its own existential challenges because of climate change. The American Southwest is at risk of rising temperatures, drought, flooding and declining ecosystem integrity, according to the Trump administration’s fourth National Climate Assessment, which was released in November. The report predicts that these changes could strain water resources, hamper food and hydropower energy production, hurt human health and harm indigenous peoples.  Read more.

February, in brief

What you may have missed and need to know


By Andre F. Miller

February 28, 2019


  • According to the Colorado College Conservation in the West Poll, the number of Western voters who are concerned about climate change is on the rise. Across the West, the percent of voters who say climate change is a “very serious” or “extremely serious” problem has gone up from 61 to 69 percent in three years.  Read more


Most Arizonans Are Concerned About Climate Change According To Poll


By Lauren Gilger

February 19, 2019

Updated: February 20, 2019

More Arizonans today — nearly two-thirds in fact — are concerned about climate change and view it as a serious problem. That’s one of the main findings from the latest Conservation in the West Poll.

Every year for the last nine years, the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project has conducted this poll and, over that time, seen people in Western states shift their attitudes towards climate change, the environment and public lands.

But there has been one constant for them over that time — the importance of the natural environment.

The Show spoke about this with Dave Metz, a partner with FM3 Research, one of two firms that conducted the survey of 32,000 people in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.  Read more.

Western US Voters Say Climate More Important Than Energy

Voters in Western US States Are Really Concerned About Climate Change. But Does This Change What They Do? It’s Interesting.

This story was originally published by Grist with the headline Western voters care more about climate than ‘energy dominance’ on Feb 10, 2019.


The Western US has seen a lot  of climate-change-caused extreme events such as fire and drought. That might explain why this year, a new survey shows that voters there are more worried about climate change now than they were 2 years ago.

A majority of voters in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming rated climate change a serious problem – even in traditionally “red” states.

Normally, most people vote about the economy – wages and unemployment. Instead, respondents said they were more concerned about low river and stream levels, water quality, and insufficient water supplies.  Read more


Western voters care more about climate than ‘energy dominance’



By Nick Bowlin

February 7, 2019

According to a recent poll, voters across the West are substantially more worried about climate change now than they were just two years ago. What’s more, a majority identify as “conservationists.” These attitudes are at odds with the priorities of President Donald Trump’s administration, which have included aggressively cutting environmental regulations while shrinking national monuments and encouraging fossil fuel production on public lands.

These findings come from Colorado College’s annual Conservation in the West poll, which surveys residents in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming on issues of climate, energy and public lands. This year, a majority of the approximately 400 respondents in each state rated climate change a serious problem, and every state saw an increase in climate concern.  Read more.

Poll: Most Utahns Say Protecting Public Lands Is A Priority


February 6, 2019

Utah voters expressed strong opinions in a new poll on issues such as climate change, protecting public lands and outdoor recreation.

In the ninth annual “Conservation in the West” poll from Colorado College, two-thirds of voters polled in eight Western states identified themselves as conservationists, and strongly endorsed policies that protect land, water and wildlife.  Read more



Colorado College: 2019 Conservation in the West Poll — The 9th Annual Survey of Voters in the Rocky Mountain West


February 5, 2019

Western voters have significant concerns around water issues and the increasingly visible impact of climate change; optimism for benefits of outdoor recreation economy

The ninth annual Colorado College State of the Rockies Project Conservation in the West Poll released [January 31, 2019] shows voters in the Mountain West continue to support efforts to keep public lands protected and accessible, putting them at odds with the Trump administration’s “energy dominance” agenda.  Read more



Coloradans, other Westerners strongly support public lands, conservation, new poll says

Annual Colorado College survey shows growing concern about water supplies, climate change

A new poll showing that a majority of Coloradans consider themselves conservationists and favor protecting natural resources and wildlife on public lands meshes with priorities set by his administration, Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday.
Colorado College released the results of its ninth annual State of the Rockies Conservation in the West Poll during a call with the media. The pollsters — one who typically works with Democrats and one who typically works for Republicans — conducted 3,200 phone interviews with 400 registered voters in eight Western states.   Read more

Poll shows growing impact of climate change


Concern about climate change has grown significantly for voters in western states like Montana, according to the most recent installment of the Colorado College State of the Rockies poll.

“Every single state we tracked saw a jump up in responses,” pollster Lori Weigel said during a conference call with reporters on Thursday. The ninth annual poll started asking how worried people were about climate change in 2016. The number concerned has grown in every state every year, she said.

Weigel works for a Republican-focused polling firm, and teams up with Democratic pollster David Metz to conduct the survey. The poll by landline and cellphone calls reached 3,200 registered voters in eight states between January 2 and 9.

Read more

Number of Arizonans who see climate change as a ‘serious’ problem jumps







By Andrew Howard

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

WASHINGTON – The number of Arizonans who believe climate change is a “serious problem” has grown sharply in the past three years, according to an annual survey of Western-state voters’ opinions on environmental issues.

That was just one finding of the Conservation in the West Poll released Thursday by Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project. It also claimed that voters in eight states are worried about water and climate issues, disappointed in recent federal rollback of environmental protections and even willing to pay more taxes for conservation.

The survey, the ninth annual, said 73 percent of Arizona voters claim to be worried about climate change in 2019, up from 63 percent in 2016. That was higher than the 69 percent in the eight-state region who said they see climate change as a serious problem in 2019.  Read more