‘Focus’ on CC and Win a New Camera

The annual Flash Photography Club contest is underway, which means it’s time to turn the lens on Colorado College. The contest is open to faculty, staff, and students, and the club has $800 worth of prizes available, including a fully manual Canon Powershot S95 and a waterproof digital camera.

The theme this year is “focus on CC” (academics, activities, life). This can involve anything that represents the CC experience, and many of the submitted photographs will be displayed on the Colorado College website.

To submit, go to http://cr-multimedia.coloradocollege.edu/rs/, enter your CC username and password, then click the “contribute new resource” link. [Note: this site is only available on campus.] Then simply fill out the submission form and upload your photographs. Deadline for submissions is 10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 7.

Contest rules include:

  • All submissions must be about CC.
  • You may only submit your own work. Do not submit someone else’s photographs.
  • Each entry must consist of five photos, with at least one in each of these categories: student life, student activities, academics.
  • Flash Photography Club will do the initial screening to determine which entries will be displayed.
  • You retain all rights to any photographs submitted, but you grant Colorado College non-exclusive rights, in perpetuity, to use them for college purposes.

The message of “focus” can be reinforced with high-quality photography that literally “focuses” on the people and environment of CC.

Make sure that graphic elements capture the power-surge experience of life on the Block Plan; the intense energy that ebbs and flows and ultimately creates a balance between hard work and hard play.

Instead of panoramic shots of crowds of graduates, classes on the quad, or sports teams (which could be taken on any campus and do not differentiate CC or its experience), highlight individuals or elements of Colorado Springs and the CC campus. Get close up and personal in tone, content, and photography.

Possible topics: landscape views, library studying, architecture, studying abroad, face shots, club activities, whatever expresses the Colorado College experience.

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