Signs for the Times: New Campus Markers are Up

New Campus Signs

You may have noticed some big changes to campus marker signs this week.

New college signs are going up in the next few weeks celebrating our new college visual identity marking the entrances to campus at Uintah Street and Cascade Avenue, Uintah and Nevada Avenue, Nevada and Dale Street, and Cascade and Dale.

The new signs will be installed just in time to welcome many parents, visitors, and alumni for Commencement, and demark our new campus boundary that now extends to Dale Street to encompass CC’s alliance with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

The updated campus markers are part of the college’s new sign system that was presented to the campus and approved in 2016. The system converges the goals of the Campus Master Plan and the Master Communications Plan, both integral components of the college’s main strategic plan to celebrate our sense of place — as well as an effort to unify all campus signs under one clear, cohesive system. A black square or block with white letters — representing the Block Plan — is the base component of most new signs.

The old stone “headstones” with the college’s former wordmark will come down as the new campus marker signs go up. Other major components of the sign system have already been installed, including the new, red Fine Arts Center “block” on Dale and Cascade, and a prototype of major campus “block signs” placed at Cutler Hall. Look for other major updates throughout the next academic year, including more block signs, new building signs, and all new numerals for building addresses.

Materials from the former stone markers will be placed in storage and used for future projects around campus.


  1. James Melzer says:

    I think the new campus markers are horrible. It’s not Camp Colorado College. It’s a prestigious, $50,000 a year private college. Don’t you think parents visiting campus should see something a bit more classic? I’ve been in the advertising business for 45 years, your new markers do not make the right statement. Look at the Old North signs in the same neighborhood.

  2. Stephanie says:

    James, thanks for sharing your concern. These campus markers are part of CC’s new visual identity adopted in 2016. The new sign system is being implemented gradually and will continue to roll out over the next few years. While signs are simpler and smaller, the college name is easier to read and boldly mark campus boundaries. The new markers are part of system that will unify all signs, making it easier for visitors to navigate campus.

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