Fitness Center Welcomes Alumni with Special Program

By Ritik Shrestha ’22

As members of the campus community, CC students, faculty, and staff can take advantage of the Adam F. Press Fitness Center. Renovated in 2013, the two-floor building overlooking the sports fields was designed to provide CC Tigers with everything needed to “live our best lives.” And while there’s a steady flow of students and employees using the facilities, one area that the fitness center is trying to improve is engaging with alumni and retirees.

Between the hours of 9 a.m.-noon, when most students are in class, alumni and retirees in the community have a golden opportunity to come in and take advantage of everything the fitness center has to offer.

On the last Saturday of each block, interested alumni and retirees can come to the fitness center from 9-noon for a special open house where they can meet the staff, tour the facilities, participate in a self-defense class hosted by Campus Safety, or just try out the equipment. All attendees will receive a free one-month trial membership; if they like what they see, a membership is available at a discounted rate.

In addition to the equipment, alumni and retirees can also use personalized strength training planners, the outdoor track, other sports facilities, and the saunas. Alumni and retirees will also receive a Gold Card which grants them access to CC games, school events, restaurants, and many other benefits as members of the CC community.

Becoming a part of the Adam F. Press Fitness Center isn’t a typical gym membership; it’s a way for alumni and retirees to get back into the community and rediscover their love for CC. This new fitness initiative is a way to revitalize this bond and strengthen it in the happiest and healthiest way possible. If you know a CC graduate, invite them to visit the fitness center webpage for additional membership details.

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