Another Locale for Wooglin’s


Wooglin’s Deli will soon open its second location in northeast Colorado Springs. The eatery, which has been a fixture at 823 N. Tejon St. for nearly 30 years, plans to open another location near the corner of Barnes Road and Oro Blanco Drive by the end of the year. In the proposed site plans, the deli would also occupy a prominent spot next to the new Robson Arena.

“Our goal has always been to be 100 percent in tune with what students need and what they want. And of course the general public, but CC is our primary audience and customer,” says Todd Renz, Wooglin’s manager.

Renz says he plans to close the Tejon location in late November, when students leave for Thanksgiving break, and have the new location at Barnes up and running by mid-December. “We’ll need to have some flexibility with inspections and equipment installations,” he says.

Renz says he’s “excited but nervous” about the changes coming to the neighborhood with Robson Area. “We are doing as much of the work as we can to get ready before moving time. After 18 years in one [location], it’s exciting to have the additional space.”

The eatery will be open at just one location when the Robson Arena construction gets underway. Wooglin’s aims to be in a new space near the arena when it opens, and Renz says the Barnes location will stay open as a second location.

“I’m really proud of the fact that we have a clientele that are dedicated and regular,” says Renz, and he’s looking forward to the “preexisting customer base,” joining Wooglin’s. “Ultimately, two years from now, everyone’s going to be better off and, in the meantime, the second location is going to be a great anchor location once it takes off, too.”

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