Celebrating Our Community: Faculty Volunteers

For months, CC faculty members have shown their commitment to our students and their educational experience. Exceptional teaching has continued even as classes shifted between in-person, flex, hybrid, and distanced. As remarkable as all of CC’s faculty have been in the classroom, 30 faculty have also volunteered in other ways to support the CC community. From building face shields to serving as contact tracers to delivering food and mail to students in quarantine, our faculty continue to demonstrate their commitment to the college and the well-being of our community. They have also been serving on critical committees such as the Scientific Advisory Group, COVID Advisory Leadership Team, and the Faculty Advisory Committee to the co-presidents and provost.  We are all in this together, and our faculty are showing us the way. Thank you faculty!

Faculty member Oguzhan Batmaz volunteers to deliver items to students.

In no particular order, here are the names of faculty known to have volunteered – Ryan Bañagale, Sofia Fenner, Rachel Paupeck, Emma Powell, Andrea Bruder, Emily Chan, Lori DrisOguzhan Batmazcoll, Kate Leonard, Pedro de Araujo, Shawn Womack, Jane Murphy, Iddo Aharony, Amanda Minervini, Esther Redmount, Oguzhan Batmaz, Alexei Pavlenko, John Gould, Richard Buxton, Jamal Ratchford, Gypsy Ames, Christina Rader, David Brown, Olivia Hatton, Vanessa Muñoz, Miro Kummel, William Davis, Kathy Giuffre, Neena Grover, Heidi Lewis, and Karen Roybal. If your name was left off, please forgive us and share your story with Lyrae Williams.  Each week, we will share stories of how our community is coming together during this time. Submit ideas to Lyrae Williams to be highlighted in a future week.

Faculty members John Gould and Shawn Womack volunteering.