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Posts from the Spring 2020 issue

Class Notes

1962 On April 26, 2020, Tilman “Tim” Moe and his wife, Ann, plan to start a trip across the U.S. from Wisconsin to San Francisco. They will walk and bike for a total of 80 miles in each of the connecting nine states to raise money and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and progressive…

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Teaching Our Values

Sustainability in the Classroom At Colorado College, sustainability is a core value that is evident in classrooms across campus and in field study locations near and far. According to CC’s Office of Sustainability, most CC students are involved in sustainability classes or activities. In addition to its renowned Environmental Studies Program, 23 other academic departments…

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Goal Achieved

Colorado College has achieved carbon neutrality, a goal it set in 2009 when it committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2020. CC is only the eighth institution of higher education in North America, and the first in the Rocky Mountain region, to achieve this goal.

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Rebecca Barnes Receives Major NSF Grant for Carbon Watershed Research

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Rebecca Barnes has received an $849,234 CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation for a project titled “The Legacy of Wildfire on Carbon Watershed Biogeochemistry.” The highly prestigious award, from NSF’s Faculty Early Career Development Program, is CC’s first CAREER grant. Her project aims to understand how severe fire alters…

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Lynne Gratz Named Lead Principal Investigator on $1.6 Million NSF Grant

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Lynne Gratz is the lead principal investigator on a $1.6 million, multi-institution National Science Foundation grant. The research project, a collaboration between Colorado College, Utah State University, University of Colorado Boulder, and University of Utah, will focus on the chemistry of atmospheric mercury, a hazardous air pollutant of both local…

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What’s on Your Reading List, David Gardiner?

We asked Associate Professor of Religion David Gardiner “What’s on Your Reading List?” “I have long been interested in the overlapping domains of psychology, neuroscience, and religious studies. Michael Pollan’s latest book, ‘How to Change Your Mind,’ tells the fascinating story of research on the effects of LSD going back to the 1950s. Legal medical research was…

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From Building on the Block to Exploring the Planet

Colorado College is wishing President Jill Tiefenthaler P’21, P’24 a gratitude-filled farewell as her time at the college nears its end. The Bulletin reflects upon her nine-year tenure and its many accomplishments.

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Student Perspective

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CC Named a 2019-20 Top Producer of Fulbrights

CC has been named a Fulbright top-producing institution for the 2019-20 grant year and has gone on to have 11 Fulbright semifinalists for the 2020-21 grant year, with more than half of CC’s 19 Fulbright applicants, or 58%, advancing to semifinalist status. CC’s 2020-21 Fulbright semifinalists are: Emma Carlson ’20, University of Sheffield study award in medical sciences,…

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Juggling ‘Flat Hats’ and More

The Bulletin spoke with alumni whose careers help steward and sustain our national park system: Ann Deines Honious ’87, Eric Bilderback ’99, Gordy Kito ’92, and Pete Devine ’81.

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