CC Golf Warriors Take No Prisoners at 14th Annual Golf Tournament

By Ron Smith, Director of Campus Safety

The winning golf team. Photo by Pam Butler.

The winning golf team. Photo by Pam Butler.

The sun is peeking over the horizon as the dew is glistening on the fresh mowed grass.  At that precise moment there stood 62 fearless CC warriors dressed in their brightly colored battle clothes, their faces painted with sunscreen, just waiting to receive the word to grab their clubs and climb aboard their covered chariots to do battle on the sacred grounds of the Valley Hi Golf Course.

The atmosphere was tense as the command was finally given, “Welcome to the 14th Annual Colorado College Golf Tournament.

“Today you will be facing an opponent that is relentless and deceiving.  This opponent will stop at nothing to gain a victory over you by using such devious tactics as sand, water, weeds, gullies, trees, beer carts, outhouses, boogies, double boogies, and yes, even the dreaded geese and geese droppings.  Some of you will survive, some of you will use mulligans, and some of you will falter, but remember, whatever the outcome of today’s events, you will be honorably welcomed back at the 19th hole.  So, my comrades pick up your clubs and go forth to get as many birdies as you can.”

As the war correspondent/photographer Pam Butler stood at the gateway to the upcoming battle, she remarked that the sight was breathless as the 31 chariots with the 62 CC warriors headed off to uncertain results.

After an excruciating day, the embattled CC warriors returned to the 19th hole to claim their prize. The team of Chris Melcher, John Calderhead, Randy Stiles, and Ray Nunn held their clubs high as they proclaimed victory over the 16-team field. The crowd was silent as the winners accepted their prize and listened as the winners boasted that their names will be forever engraved in CC history along with the other teams that passed before them. 

Of course, during all great battles there are people who excel in individual greatness by going above and beyond the capabilities of their nemeses. These individuals seek no rewards for their accomplishments. They do it because they know that they are good enough to beat anyone, one-on-one, when it comes to their specialties. For the sacrifices these individuals endured throughout the day, each was presented with a token which was commensurate to their accomplishments. So without further ado here are these exceptional individuals:

Ken Cooper – Men’s longest drive
Jill Fetters – Women’s longest drive
Stacy Davidson – Women’s closest to the pin
Tom Walters – Men’s closest to the pin 

So as the sun set over Valley Hi and the geese were finally out of danger and at peace, the mighty CC warriors said good bye to the 14th Annual Colorado College Golf Tournament and limped home to the big tube of Ben Gay.

TCO Committee:  Stacy Davidson, Don Davidson, Lynda Smith, Ron Smith

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