Wellness Resource Center Expands Reach with Education, Workshops, and Student Supports

Wellness Resource Center

By Emma Holinko-Brossman ’20

The Wellness Resource Center is dedicated to improving wellness at Colorado College and WRC staff create tailored programming to meet the interest and needs of the student body. WRC’s mission is focused around sexual assault response and prevention, mental health, and substance use education. It is also a resource for student groups on campus that look to maintain similar missions on campus such as the Healing Project. In recent years the WRC has joined the JED Campus Program that looks to take a comprehensive public health approach to holistic wellbeing on campuses.

The WRC creates and leads projects and workshops on campus and covers a wide array of wellness projects. A capstone of WRC work is the BADASS (Be Aware Decide to Act Say Something) training which aims to incite individual responsibility to create a compassionate community by teaching students to recognize and reduce incidents of harm on campus. This program is offered to the public and for groups on campus. Ross Goldberg ’20, lacrosse captain, says, “every year we work with the WRC to do the BADASS training for the team, they are able to have a healthy discussion to better understand how we can create a better environment for CC.”

Another WRC program is the Science of Substance Series. This program looks to explain the science and research behind substances. Many students every year learn the research of how different substances affect their body, allowing them to not only understand known consequences, but engage at a higher level the questions of “why?” and ‘how?’ It is amazing to see students engage in tough conversations using experience, interest, and science to further understand their own health and wellness.

The Wellness Resource Center has been expanding its reach over recent years to become more involved in RA training, NSO, and WSO. Their workshops are often spawned out of student’s ideas and passions. The PEEPS program allows for current students to become involved in the WRC through creating new programs, and supporting the current WRC staff. These programs are amazing in that they are tailored to the CC community and unique environment. The WRC is creative in creating new programs with different organizations and offices on campus. All of their programs are worth going to, while the space itself is a quiet haven amongst the busy atmosphere in Worner.

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